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Yo: Las rosas son rojas y el viento las mueve, tu seras el seis y yo seré el nueve


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Duermete niño, duermete ya…o el Wachiturro te bailará

Okey me duermo :P

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El momento incómodo en el cual te das cuenta de cosas obvias.


Estas respirando (comienzas a respirar en diferentes velocidades o dejas de respirar)

Tienes una zapatilla que apreta tus dedos (los abres y te desesperas al notar que te esta apretando)

Mueves los brazos al caminar (Los dejas quietos o lo mueves más rápido)

Estas pestañando (Dejas de pestañar o pestañeas más)

Tragas tu saliva (Guardas la saliva y la tragas)

Menudos pelotudos.

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What I want? I want World PeaceWhat about those English families living in Argentina and what about the Argentinian Families living in England? So many people of my country (Argentina) says that wear a shirt with an English flag is signal of hate towards my country.They always think that i’m an ignorant cause i like some stuff of England. I mean c’mon I know what happened and i felt sadness for all the innocent people who died. But what about the English people who died too? Don’t you think about them? Don’t you think about the families and how did they feel ? I think that we (Argentinians & English people) are being self centred and we don’t care about how much people regret this. Now stop whatever you were thinking and consider this: What about the lovers? What about them? Did you think that?
What if your lover is an English or an Argentinian? Would you do anything for him/her?What about those lovers? I’m one of them… I’m in love with an English. And maybe another people too… but think about it. It’s so sad to me because his country is fighting with mine… Don’t know what to say… I just want to stop this… so hard but someday it’ll ends.”Love can do anything.Love is louder than anything. Love is stronger than hate.” <3Sincerely… someone who wants the World Peace. 

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One Direction with their fans:

One Direction with their security:

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